Share on Facebook Share on Twitter The holiday farming season is winding down and farmers across the country are starting to get back to their work, but some farms are going the extra mile to ensure they have the best of the best available year round. 

It is the Bank Holiday Farming Days that weaves together the holiday and farming season, bringing together farmers from all over the country.

This year we are looking to do more than just the best farming conditions for the crops that we produce. 

We want to highlight some of the amazing things we can do in a year of hard work and good weather to ensure the farmers have a bright future. 

To get started, we’ve set up a blogpost that will give you some great tips for how to keep up to date on the best seasonal farming practices in Australia.

It starts with some of our favourite farming practices around the country, and then moves on to highlight the other special and seasonal things that we are doing around the state. 

In some cases, it will even highlight what is happening in other parts of the country so that you can plan ahead and make sure you have what you need to ensure you are doing the best possible job in the best conditions.

We are also happy to give you the links to other posts and articles that you might find interesting. 

You can follow the blog on our Twitter feed: @farmfarmingday  The Farm and its Farming Dogs and Cattle are the Greatest Farmers in Australia by Miles W. Bryson Author of: Birds of a Feather The Farm is the premier Australian farm and horticulture magazine, covering everything from horticultural practices to farming methods to the latest in organic farming. 

They also carry an incredible range of farmers’ magazines and news and information, and have the world’s best selection of local and seasonal farming products. Read more About the Festival of Deeds In its 40 years of publication, Farm and Farm Daughters has become a pillar in the Australian farming community. 

Farm and Farm Daughters is a newsletter of local news and events about the local farming and horting industries, covering all aspects of farming including farming, horticulturists, organic farming, gardening, animal husbandry and more. 

 Read the Farm and Farm Daughters Blog on the ABC. 

The ABC has a long history of supporting farmers and farming interests across the nation, and this is just one example of the way we are covering a wide range of topics. 

Learn more on our FDA Newsroom page. 

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