Canada’s holidays will start this year with a massive, sweeping military parade and the country’s biggest fireworks show ever.

The country is also celebrating Christmas Eve, and the nation will mark its birthday with a traditional Thanksgiving celebration.

Here’s everything you need, including the weather forecast.

What to know The country has its own set of holidays, which are marked by traditional celebrations, family gatherings, family reunions, church services and even a “happy” Thanksgiving Day.

You can also choose to go to a different state in Canada, as well as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, or visit a different province in Canada.

The national day of celebration is November 2, but there are other celebrations that fall on other days.

The holidays begin on the first Sunday in November, with the opening of the Canada Day celebrations.

The annual Christmas Eve service at the National Capital Commission is held on Christmas Eve.

A new holiday is celebrated on the same day as Christmas, which marks the day after Easter.

Canada celebrates the holiday in its own way, but it also has traditions and celebrations that are not linked to a specific date.

For example, you can go to the Ottawa Christmas Parade with your family and friends, or go to other parts of the country to see a fireworks display.

But, you cannot see a traditional Christmas tree or even the iconic red and white trampoline in downtown Ottawa.

What time do Canada’s official celebrations begin?

The country’s annual Christmas Day festivities begin on Christmas Day, with celebrations that continue through Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and culminate in the celebration of Christmas Day.

Canada also celebrates the holidays on Christmas and New Years’ Day.

But that’s not always the case.

Canada’s national holiday is November 5, which is also the first day of the month in which the government does not hold an official holiday.

The holiday also marks the first time that Canada will observe a military parade, with floats, banners, and parades throughout the country.

If you’re celebrating a Christmas Day trip or a visit to a family member, you may want to make sure you have a ticket to the parade, as Canada has strict rules about celebrating the holiday.

Some people say they can celebrate the holiday at home, while others choose to celebrate it in a special location.

There is a new holiday tradition every year, but these are the best options.

What you can do If you want to go on holiday, you will need to decide on your holiday destination and plan ahead.

The following are some ways to celebrate Canada’s holiday: Visit a country in Canada that you have previously visited.

You will be able to celebrate the Canada 150 holiday by visiting a Canadian destination that has been visited or a foreign country.

This includes destinations like New York, Toronto, Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

The day you celebrate is known as the “Canada Day holiday” in Canada because of the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

You’ll also be able visit a country that has a different holiday, such as the Philippines or Indonesia.

Visit a Canadian or international city, such the New York City borough of Manhattan.

You may also be invited to a Christmas party in your home country.

Some countries allow you to visit Christmas celebrations there.

Visit Canada’s National Capital Region, where many people celebrate Canada Day on November 5.

This is usually a day of festivities that include music and a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Celebrate the holiday by spending time with family and socializing with friends, which includes shopping, visiting museums, dining, watching a movie, and visiting restaurants and other establishments.

In addition, there will be activities such as Christmas shopping, a family Christmas dinner, a “Happy Christmas” dance and the opening ceremony of the fireworks display at the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP-Train).

There are also events that are geared towards children, such a Christmas Eve ice skating and Christmas Day parades.

How to prepare for your trip to Canada When planning your trip, it is important to understand the different ways to enjoy the country on your trip.

Here are some tips for planning a holiday trip to see Canada: Choose a destination that is close to your destination.

Many Canadian destinations have close connections to each other.

In most cases, this means going to the same location on different dates.

For instance, you could visit the Toronto International Airport in Toronto on November 1 or the Ottawa International Airport on December 5.

If this sounds like a lot of travel, you might be able plan a trip that involves multiple destinations.

There are a lot more choices in Canada than just one destination.

Some of the options include visiting a city or province, going to another province, visiting a different country or even visiting a holiday destination.

For many Canadians, holiday travel can be an adventure, so it is recommended to plan ahead and plan in advance.

In the meantime, you should have the necessary holiday attire and food for your holiday celebration.

You should also plan to travel to a place that

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