People can use their Thanksgiving to build holiday cheer and family bonding this year.

The holiday is celebrated on Oct. 12 and children can dress up in costumes, get candy and decorate their homes.

Some parents are using the occasion to help their children relax and unwind from school.

But there’s another way to celebrate this day, and it’s with a little help from the holiday makers around the country.

For the past four years, the American Thanksgiving Day Foundation has helped parents make holiday crafts for their children.

The foundation offers a number of free and affordable Thanksgiving gifts for kids and families.

Some of these gifts are free to kids and teens who attend local public schools.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to Make Thanksgiving a Holiday for Children and Teens For the first time in years, kids can dress as characters from Disney movies, play in costume and make gifts to the rest of the family.

To learn more about how to make your child a Christmas spirit, check out this list of tips.

But to make the holiday fun for adults, the foundation offers free and inexpensive gifts to kids in its programs for adults.

Here are some of the programs you can choose from.

Learn More Thanksgiving Day Children’s Day: A new program in the Children’s Zone of the Smithsonian American Museum of Natural History presents a family-friendly holiday.

The program will run through Jan. 1 and feature a family of eight playing games and activities.

Children can enjoy activities like crafts, crafts for the kids, and crafts for adults with the goal of creating holiday decorations.

For more information, visit the American Museum’s Children’s Museum.

Halloween: Visit Halloween stores in the metro area and pick up Halloween candy.

Learn more about Halloween.

The Great American Celebration: The Greater Washington Foundation will host a community Thanksgiving dinner for children in the District and in the surrounding suburbs.

Learn about the dinner and how to purchase Thanksgiving meals.

Learn how to get more information about the Great American Thanksgiving Dinner program.

Thanksgiving Dinner Program The Great Thanksgiving Dinner programs will be available to children and families at participating D.C. food banks and in food banks throughout the nation.

For information about participating food banks, call the D.M.C.’s Food Bank Information Center at 202-977-9111.

Thanksgiving Day Gift Certificates The D.J. Barnette Foundation will offer a certificate for children ages 6 and under for free for those ages 6 to 18.

Learn the certificate process, including which childrens food banks will receive certificates, and how you can purchase one for free.

Learn How to Get Your First Thanksgiving Gift Certificate The DJ Barnette is offering two gift certificates: One for children 6 and older and one for children 4 to 11.

The certificate can be used at participating grocery stores, and the other can be sent to a food bank, church, church group, nonprofit, or school.

Learn when you can get a gift certificate Learn more.

D.P.R.D. Gift Certes The DPHD has partnered with DPH Foundation to offer the DPH Gift Certificate program for children age 6 and up.

The DPhil Foundation and DPH gift certificates can be redeemed for a variety of benefits, including meals, meals with the DPhil team, and gifts to DPH volunteers.

For details, visit DPHF’s Gift Certs page.

Thanksgiving and Holiday Gifts for Adults Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day is a time for families to share the joy of Thanksgiving with their children, to celebrate the holiday with family, friends and neighbors.

For parents who want to make a gift that will benefit their family, consider making Thanksgiving gifts.

Some local organizations offer Thanksgiving gifts to adults as well.

Learn what to consider when making your gift for a child.

Learn About Thanksgiving Day Gifts Learn more Thanksgiving Day Holiday Gifts Learn about how you and your loved ones can shop for Christmas and holiday gifts.

Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to get kids a new toy.

Check out this guide to help you pick the best toys for your kids.

Thanksgiving Holiday Gift Certys Learn about Thanksgiving holiday gift certificates, which can be purchased by children and adults.

Thanksgiving Gift Certions Learn more for children Thanksgiving Day Free Holiday Gift for Kids Learn more and how your child can get their first Thanksgiving gift.

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