The holiday season is upon us, and it’s a great time to explore a few of the top holiday sights and experiences in Houston.1.

The Grand Parade, GalvestonThis annual parade and celebration is one of the most popular and spectacular street-side events in Houston, but you might not see it at your own local mall.

Take a stroll through Galvestons downtown streets and get a peek at some of the best sights and entertainment in town.2.

The Parade at the Ballroom in Galvestor, HoustonThe Ballroom at the Grand Ballroom is one the most spectacular street scenes in Houston and is an ideal place to catch the festivities from a distance.

It is a must-see for all ages.3.

The Texas Craft Fair, HoustonTake a tour of the Texas Craft Center in Houston’s Galleria District.

The fair includes over 300 exhibitors, from furniture makers to food trucks.4.

Houston’s First Friday Parade, HoustonThis event attracts over 100,000 people each year.

The Houstonians will gather from 8:30-11 a.m. at the intersection of Broadway and U.S. 290 to watch the parade.5.

Houston Symphony Hall, HoustonWhether you’re looking for a musical performance, family-friendly dance, or just a casual gathering, this popular venue is a great place to get together and enjoy a good time.6.

Carnival of Color, HoustonCarnival of Color is an annual celebration in Houston featuring hundreds of thousands of colored carnival costumes.

Whether you’re a carnival-goer or just want to dress up for a day out, this event will keep you entertained.7.

The City of Lights, HoustonAn annual celebration of the city’s color and light, The City’s Lights is one that you can get tickets for.8.

Houston City Ballet, HoustonThere is no better time to attend Houston City’s Ballet at the Houston Museum of Art than during the holidays.

It’s an event where the dancers, the singers, and the audience come together to celebrate the spirit of Houston and all that it represents.9.

Carnival at the Capitol, HoustonYou’ll see plenty of fun and colorful costumes in this event at the downtown Capitol Building.10.

The Great American Balloon Festival, HoustonHouston’s Balloon Festival takes place every December and is a family-oriented celebration that attracts more than 5,000 participants.

It features over 30 different balloon shows, including balloon shows from around the country.11.

The American Music Festival, DallasThis annual event is a major draw in Dallas, and if you want to check out a different show in the city, it’s worth visiting the American Music Museum.12.

The Christmas Parade, New OrleansThere is nothing quite like a big Christmas party to get you out of the house and onto the town square.

From traditional Christmas tree lighting to family-style parties, the New Orleans Christmas Parade has it all.13.

The Blue Collar Festival, New YorkThis annual celebration draws in thousands of people each Christmas and brings together thousands of New Yorkers for a party to remember.14.

The New Year’s Eve Parade, Los AngelesThis event is one for the year.

There are a lot of different types of music and costume parties taking place throughout the city on New Year, and this annual parade will have you looking forward to the festivities.15.

Holiday Celebration at the American Hotel & Marina, HoustonIf you’re going to celebrate a major holiday, it might be a good idea to stop by the American Holiday Inn in downtown Houston for a nice, comfortable, and enjoyable holiday party.16.

The Golden Gate Bridge Holiday Festival, San FranciscoThis annual festival takes place on the iconic bridge, with over 100 performers and performers from across the country and around the world.17.

Christmas Eve Parade at Texas A&M University, College StationThis annual holiday parade attracts over 50,000 visitors and is one to look forward to.18.

Houston Christmas Parade at Downtown Stadium, HoustonWhile most people would be celebrating Christmas, it is important to look out for the Christmas tree lights on the parade route.19.

The Holiday Parade at Crenshaw Plaza, HoustonAnother popular holiday event is the Holiday Parade.

The parade takes place along Crensford Avenue at the University of Houston campus, and every year the crowds are packed with people from all over the country who enjoy the celebration.20.

The Little Theatre, HoustonWhat do you do for a weekend?

The Little Theater is the perfect place to enjoy a great evening out with friends and family.

This is a wonderful place to see Broadway stars and enjoy entertainment in an intimate setting.21.

Halloween Parade, Corpus ChristiYou don’t have to be a Halloween fan to enjoy the Halloween Parade.

There is something for everyone at this fun event that takes place at the corner of I-10 and Interstate 35.22.

Halloween at the Holiday Inn at the Texas Convention Center, HoustonA Halloween parade is an event

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