The holidays can be overwhelming, but for some people, they’re a time of peace and reflection.

From the holiday of Remembrance Day to Thanksgiving, from Christmas Eve to the New Year, the US can be the place to be on the day of remembrance.

Here are six of our favorite things to do in America this year.


Thanksgiving Day The day before Thanksgiving, the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving with the holiday-themed parade in Washington, DC.

From here, visitors can enjoy holiday treats at Thanksgiving-themed restaurants and bars, take in the sights from the White House, and visit with family and friends at the National Museum of American History.


Christmas Eve in Washington The nation’s capital is a favorite destination for the nation’s most dedicated holiday-celebrating people.

The Washington, D.C. Christmas tree lighting ceremony takes place on the National Mall on Thanksgiving Day.

Visitors can also see the Christmas lights from the Lincoln Memorial and take part in a holiday celebration with family or friends.


The National Mall The Christmas Eve Parade and Parade of Lights takes place at the White Houses Lincoln Memorial, where President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama participate in the official holiday-lighting ceremony.

After the holiday parade, the parade continues through the National Cathedral and Museum of Art.

The parade is capped off with the annual National Anthem, performed by country singer Carrie Underwood.


Christmas Day in Washington On December 25, the Washington Monument is lit for the National Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The holiday festivities culminate in the annual White House Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, which includes a White House tree lighting display, a holiday parade of lights, and fireworks.


National Christmas Tree lighting The National Christmas Day Parade kicks off at the Lincoln Theatre in the White Hall in Washington.

The festivities culminates in a traditional White House holiday tree lighting.

In addition to a traditional holiday display, participants can also join in a festive Santa Claus parade.


Washington National Cathedral The Washington National Christmas Parade kicks into high gear in Washington on Christmas Eve.

The celebration takes place outside the Whitehouse on a beautiful, clear night, with lighted carolers lining the street.

The procession, which will end at the Capitol, is followed by a traditional Christmas tree litigations.

Inaugural Director for National Christmas Carolers Janet Shultz and other representatives of the nation visit Washington and celebrate the day with family, friends, and guests.

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