JUNE 19–“I had to walk away,” said Marda, a 23-year-old mother of three.

Mardas mother, Sinead, is on a road trip to her hometown in the northern Italian province of Trento.

The three-week holiday, which started on June 19, is the first time she has been able to visit her family.

But the family has had to move around. 

“My mother is ill,” Mardais mother told Al Jazeera.

“It is difficult for me to visit them.”

The family has lived in a house they bought in Italy in 2016 and is now living in a tent in the woods.

“The weather is very cold, but it’s very comfortable,” said Sineades mother.

“We’re trying to cope with the cold, because it’s not a nice thing.”

Mardares sister, Ana, was also on a holiday, but was told by the authorities not to go back to Italy because of the climate change and the possible impacts on crops.

“They told me they would send a plane, but I didn’t trust them.

We’re not going back,” Ana told Al-Jazeera.

Ana and Marday are part of the Global Food Chain Coalition, a network of NGOs working to support the food security and food security programmes of food producers, processors and retailers.

The coalition, which also includes the UK-based Food and Agricultural Organisation, has called on governments to develop a new strategy for food security.

In a letter to Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, GFC Coalition president and former Italian Agriculture Minister Mario Vitti said, “the future of our children depends on their capacity to adapt to climate change.”

The coalition’s letter said that despite the climate crisis, there is still a large food security sector in Italy, but there are more people relying on food aid than ever before.

The letter also called on the government to create a new food security strategy and called for a minimum wage for all food workers, with a maximum of €2.50 per hour. 

The letter is part of a broader call for an “urgent change” in the countrys agricultural sector.

The government has yet to provide any details on how it plans to fund the GFC-related initiatives, or the proposed new agricultural strategy. 

But Italian agriculture experts have been critical of the government for not putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions, which they say has the potential to raise prices for the Italian consumer.

“I’m convinced that the government is very cautious about its response to the climate emergency,” said Giovanni Mazzucato, an expert on climate change at the University of Pavia in Italy.

“If they were to set a price for emissions, it would raise prices in Italy.” 

Garda told Al Jazeera that it is the responsibility of the Italian government to set the right prices for emissions. 

Mardais parents also worry about what their grandchildren might face.

“Our children have been living here in Italy for 30 years, so they are not scared of any future,” said Ana.

“But what I worry about is that our grandchildren will be born with the same problem.”

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