There are some major holidays for most people to get busy.

Christmas Day is usually the busiest day of the year.

Some people are looking forward to it because they know they will have more money to spend in the coming months.

Others have holidays planned for a particular time of year.

But one in five people will be out of work and could be out on a tight budget in December.

BBC News spent a few days researching the top 20 busiest Christmas periods for all UK households.

We found out what is expected from businesses and retailers, the amount of work people expect from Christmas, the festive mood of Christmas Day, and the expected shopping days.

The top 20 Christmas periods were: Christmas Day, 30 November –   £1.9bn –  Christmas Eve, 30 December – £1bn  – Christmas Day Saturday, 3 January -£1.4bn Christmas Evening, 26 January -$1.3bn Bridget Rudd, chief executive of the Christmas industry body HolidaySavers, said the festive period would see a large increase in demand from businesses. 

“People will expect a lot more shopping and spending in December, which is exactly what we are seeing today,” she said.

“This is a time when retailers and consumers are trying to plan their Christmas spending and there are a lot of reasons why that is happening.” 

Christmas day has always been a big shopping day for many people, with shoppers expected to spend an average of £500 per day. 

In 2015, Christmas Day was the second-biggest day of retail sales in the UK, behind the Easter Monday period, which was the busiest on the day of Easter. 

It was also the busiest in terms of number of transactions. 

For retailers, Christmas day is an important time to get new merchandise into stores.

They also know that there is a lot to shop for, from Christmas trees to Christmas gifts, Christmas cards and toys, Christmas decorations, jewellery, and much more. 

But it is also a busy time to shop at the checkout. 

There are many things to do during the festive season including: • Bathrooms – Most people are expected to clean their own bathrooms and wash their own hands during the Christmas period. 

•  Christmas Parties – Christmas parties have become a big part of the UK’s culture and traditions.

Many holidaymakers take part, which means they are likely to be busy in December too. 

Christmas shopping is a huge part of many people’s shopping lists and this is a big reason why Christmas shopping times are busy. 

When shopping in December there are some Christmas decorations that are expected, but not all stores have Christmas decorations and some retailers have been accused of selling Christmas products at too high a price. 

Budget Christmas shopping: Bills and bills – For the most part, people spend Christmas on a budget.

Some shops and restaurants will have Christmas items that are only for Christmas, such as presents, clothing, toys, and more.

Others will have holiday gifts for Christmas. 

Some shops may also have a holiday discount, which will lower prices and sometimes also allow them to make savings during the holiday period.

 A good budget shopping holiday is also the time to buy things you need on Christmas Day. 

Cash and credit cards are generally accepted at most Christmas shopping sites and the cash registers are usually open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Night and New Year’s Eve. 

However, people will often use their debit or credit cards during the holidays, particularly if they are in a rush to get everything done. 

More information about Christmas can be found on the UK Department for Work and Pensions website. 

How to plan your Christmas holiday: The biggest Christmas shopping day in the world: There is no one way to plan Christmas, but here are some tips to get you started: Get a Christmas tree.

When planning a Christmas day visit, you will need a tree, and many people will want to buy one that is tall enough for a family. 

Be prepared to spend a few hours in a local Christmas market.

The local market is an excellent place to stock up on decorations, as well as stocking up on Christmas gifts and Christmas supplies.

Get Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations are often the biggest thing you can buy. 

You can buy gifts for your children, buy holiday cards for your friends and family, and even buy a tree for your garden. 

Have a Christmas dinner.

While Christmas is usually a big meal of food, there are many other things you can do during Christmas to make it as enjoyable as possible. 

If you’re shopping for gifts, take some time to think about what you want to put in your stocking.

For Christmas gifts you can use your credit card, buy Christmas decorations or a Christmas carol or song, or even buy presents for your friend or family.

Make Christmas shopping a priority.

You should be planning

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