By Mark RozemanAnd Emily O”BrienNovember 14, 2019The holidays are here in China.

They’re also here in the United States, where the holidays are also here.

But while the holidays may be the norm in China, the Chinese are doing a much more ambitious celebration of their holiday traditions.

This year, the Communist Party of China (CPC) is hosting a national holiday in honor of the Chinese Lunar New Year, which marks the end of the lunar year.

And while the Chinese government is celebrating this as a holiday, it is not a holiday in China at all.

Rather, the Lunar New Years holiday is a celebration of the Lunar Year, the month of the year that marks the beginning of the next lunar year, as well as the year in which the sun and moon are aligned.

This alignment occurs every year in the fall and spring.

The Lunar Year is a period of a few months when the sun, moon and planets are aligned in a certain way.

This allows us to see the seasons as we would in a calendar, as opposed to having to think about the year on a month by month basis.

In China, this means that the Lunar Holiday is a national celebration of Chinese culture, heritage and history, according to the Communist-run Xinhua News Agency.

According to the Chinese Communist Party website, the national holiday is celebrated by celebrating the Lunar Calendar, the calendar of the four seasons and the Lunar Lunar Year.

The holiday is also known as the “Chinese Lunar New-Year.”

It is also held in honor the Great Leader, who is the symbol of the People’s Republic of China.

During the Lunar holidays, Chinese citizens are encouraged to dress in traditional Chinese dress and eat food made from the Chinese traditional herbs, flowers, flowers and other natural elements.

This year, on November 15, 2019, China will celebrate the Lunar Month of the Year, and the Chinese Ministry of Tourism will host the Lunar Day Festival at the Palace of the Great Master of Ceremonies at 9 a.m.

Local news outlets have reported that a number of local restaurants and hotels in Beijing will be serving special dishes during this holiday season.

The Lunar Festival in Beijing, however, is only a day long celebration of a day that is normally the Lunar Days.

In the Chinese calendar, the first day of the first lunar month is the lunar month of Yang.

This is when the moon and sun rise and set.

This lunar month, called Yang Lun, also marks the start of the third lunar year in China’s calendar.

On November 16, 2019 the Chinese New Year will be celebrated with the Lunar Festival.

According to Xinhua, Chinese people are encouraged in their celebration of this holiday, and they are even encouraged to participate in a special traditional dance that they call “Wangdu”.

This dance is performed by a group of women who stand around a wooden pole with their hands crossed, wearing traditional Chinese clothes.

According the Xinhua news agency, the dancing group is called the “Tibetan Women’s Group”.

The dancing group will perform the dance during the Lunar Week festivities.

This Lunar Festival will last for two weeks, with Chinese people being allowed to participate.

According a report by the Chinese state news agency Xinhua in February 2019, the next Lunar Festival, called Xi’an Lun, will be held in 2019.

The official Xinhua article from February 7, 2019 noted that the “Wongdu Dance” is considered a sacred Chinese ritual, and that people should follow its rituals to preserve and preserve the traditional Chinese way of life and culture.

The Chinese government has stated that it does not allow any religious or superstitious activities during this period.

This includes the “Lun Lun Dance”, but Xinhua reports that “people can also enjoy a traditional Chinese holiday, called the Lunar Song”.

According to Xinhuayi, the official Xinhuai news agency reports that the Chinese lunar month will be observed as a lunar year instead of a lunar calendar year, and this will allow people to enjoy the holiday season in China while preserving their traditional Chinese culture and customs.

The Communist Party also said that people who wish to participate should be aware of the importance of observing the Lunar Months.

According Xinhua: “There are special laws that apply to the Lunar period, but those who violate these laws will be punished severely.

Anyone who breaks these laws is subject to a penalty ranging from a fine of 500 yuan ($7.30) to a prison term of two to four years.”

This is not the first time that the Communist party has taken to the issue of religious observance during the Chinese year of the horse.

In March of 2016, China began to recognize the Tibetan Buddhist Holidays, which began in 1979.

In 2016, the Dalai Lama said that China was moving forward on recognizing the Tibetan Holidays.

This is the third year that the Dalai has announced

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