The National Holiday of Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated on Tuesday in India, marking the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the holy month of Muharram.

India has a Muslim population of nearly 1.3 billion and has been celebrating the holiday since the dawn of history, which marks the end times of the Abrahamic religions.

The holiday, which is celebrated on May 9 and 10, has long been celebrated in India as a religious holiday, but this year, India has also announced it will be marking Eid al Fitr with a national day on Tuesday.

The official day for the day of mourning is Wednesday. 

A day of observance for the Muslim community will take place on Monday.

A day that has been traditionally celebrated in the state of Kerala and elsewhere is called Eid al Adha. 

The Hindu celebration of Eid marks the death of the deity, Vishnu, which was the first god worshipped in India. 

In recent years, many Muslim organisations in India have been demanding the removal of the Hindu calendar, which they say is not based on the Quran or the Vedas.

The Hindu calendar is the traditional calendar used in India and many Muslims regard it as an insult to the Quran and the Vedic texts.

This year, Hindu religious leaders have called for a national holiday to be celebrated around Eid al Fatr. 

On Friday, Muslims in India will mark Eid al Abbas, the date of the death and resurrection of Prophet Muhammad. 

India’s Hindu rulers are keen to ensure the Muslim population in India stays in its place.

The government says that a majority of the people of India will be celebrating Eid al Fajr on Tuesday, with a further 20% being celebrated on Wednesday.

The official holiday is celebrated every year on March 19.

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