A year ago, Billie Holiday married her fiancé, Craig, and the couple celebrated their wedding with a big, festive feast.

Since then, the couple have been sharing a house together with their 2-year-old daughter, Willow, who is now 8.

Their life together has been the highlight of their year.

Billie and Craig have been married for over two years and are planning to have another child, after their first one was born.

But for Billie, who’s now the widow of her childhood hero, Bob Dylan, Christmas is a great opportunity to enjoy her old life and remember what it meant to her and Bob, who passed away in November.

‘I remember Bob Dylan so much more than any other person that I know,’ Billie told Al Jazeera.

‘It’s been a really good life experience for him, he’s always been so kind, he always made me feel so loved.

‘To see him and my mum come back to our home, to see him go on holiday with his family, I’m just so happy to see it happen.’

As for her husband, Craig has said it’s a Christmas that will last for ever.

‘The people that I love are all going to come back.

It’s like a big party, everybody’s back and everything’s going to be going well.

‘There’s no doubt that we’ve made it.

We’re so proud of our family, and it’s going so well.

I’ve seen my mum and dad come back and we’re still all celebrating Christmas.

‘We’re celebrating Christmas with the family, the people that we love, and we’ve just been so blessed and lucky.’

In honour of Bob Dylan’s birthday, Al Jazeera decided to bring together some of the best songs and songs that celebrate the life and legacy of the man who was one of the greatest musicians of all time.

We’ve taken a look at some of Bob’s favourite Christmas songs and found some of his most poignant lyrics and music.

We asked Bob what his favourite Christmas song was and he told us that it was ‘Sleeping with Bob’.

The song has been an inspiration for him and he’s been singing it for decades.

‘My mum and I went out to the park and we were in the middle of sleeping, and my mom was singing it over and over again.

‘She’s got the voice, she’s got a really lovely voice, and Bob’s singing it on top of the sound of the thunderstorm.’

And he was not alone.

In the year that followed, Bob was a regular visitor to the home.

Bob was also able to attend Christmas parties with the other musicians, and he said that it made the occasion special.

‘For me, it’s Christmas and that’s what I’m happiest about, Christmas and all that kind of stuff,’ he said.

‘You know, I just love seeing people smile and laughing and having a good time.’

The holidays were also marked by the arrival of the band The Rolling Stones, who played their first concert in November, at the home of Bob and his parents.

‘Every year I feel like I’m back on Christmas Island with my family,’ he told Al Jourgensen.

‘Christmas Island is such a beautiful place.

It feels like home.’

Bob and Willow have already started to organise some of their favourite holiday traditions and holiday crafts for their family.

They’ve also started working on plans to build a big shed in their garden, which will be their main residence for the coming year.

‘Just having a shed is a big thing, because I don’t want to leave the house,’ he added.

‘And it’s something that we’re going to do.

It will be a really big shed.’

And for Bob, the holidays will come to an end with another big party for his family.

‘A Christmas that lasts forever is a Christmas we’ll never forget,’ he explained.

‘If we get the right people in here, we can have that Christmas forever.’

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