I remember how the Lord promised me when I was 14 that I would go to the Lord Jesus Christ on the eve of Passover to ask him what I should do.

I asked Him, and He said, “You must go into the Kingdom of God, and be baptized and put on His holy garments and go to a place called Nazareth.”

I went into Nazareth, and I met Jesus.

I sat with Him and I fell in love with Him.

I was a convert.

He took me away to Jerusalem and I came back to Jerusalem.

I went into the Temple.

The Temple was built by the hands of David and Solomon.

I had seen the Temple built by David and the Temple of Solomon.

And David and King Solomon came and stood before me.

The Lord God said to me, “Stand up, and put your right hand in your bosom, and with your left hand grasp the stone of the door.”

I said to Him, “Yes, Lord, I will.”

Then He told me to do exactly what He had commanded me.

I put my right hand into my bosom.

He placed his right hand on my breast and said, ‘You shall go into this place and you shall be baptized.’

And I did.

And I went and I was baptized.

I came out, and the people were astonished.

They said, This is the Messiah, who was born of a woman and born to you in the Temple.’

Then I was called to the right hand of the Lord and I said, The Lord has spoken, and he is in the midst of us and is coming.

He said to Me, ‘Follow Him and do not be afraid.’

“I said to the people, “I am going to follow the Lord.

I will not fear God, for I will come to the King of Kings.’

I was walking with the Lord when He appeared to me in the desert.

He told Me, “Behold, I am about to give you the kingdom of God.”

I was standing on the right side of the road and He appeared before me and He took my right arm and said to it, ‘Stay here.’

Then He said.

‘Get up and follow me.

Go into the desert and come back and be my disciple.’

He said the same to me.

Then He led me into the land of Israel.

And I followed Him and came to my father’s house.

And the Lord said to him, “Follow me and you will find peace and you are going to be like me.

Behold, the people of Israel are going in and out.

They will not stop until they find the Messiah.”

Then I went in to my house.

I prayed, “Lord, forgive me for my sins.”

Then He sent a messenger and said unto me, ‘Come, I pray thee to come in.’

I said.


You are the God of my salvation.

I am ready for you.

I have found the Messiah.

Be with me.”

Then he told me about the days of David, Solomon, the prophets, the elders and all the great ones, of Israel, of Judah, of Gilead, of Jersualem and of the whole world.

And He said unto him, ‘Go into the wilderness and do this work of your fathers for seven years.’

Then the Lord gave him the name of the Messiah; then He took him and led him into the Holy City.

And He said: Behold!

I have given you the Messiah and He is coming with me.

And when he comes, He will not be weary, for He will bring His throne with Him to judge between nations.

He was sitting with His throne and He looked up and said: “Do you think that this is going to end?”

And He answered, “No, Lord.

You have seen me.

This is my throne, my throne of authority, and my kingdom, and all that I command you is right.

You shall have dominion over all the earth.

Go in and sit down on my throne and do your work.

And you shall sit down with me in my glory.

I want you to see my people, the true Israelites, who are going through a terrible exile and are seeking God.

And God has given them the kingdom.”

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Get up, for it is good for you to be here, to be together with the lost, to bear with the bruised, to bury the dead, and to give testimony in the wilderness.”

Then the Lord appeared to them, and they went into Galilee.

And behold, they were in the country of the Samaritans.

And they came to a woman, and she saw them.

And she asked, “Are you going to Bethlehem and the city of David?”

And Jesus answered and said in the same words, “Have you seen the king and his servants coming to you?

They have come to you.”

Then she asked them, “Do they come to thee,

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