Famed fashion designer Gwen Stefani and the US fashion industry are teaming up for an innovative collection of holiday accessories that’s aimed at girls.

Stefani, who is a US citizen, has teamed up with the US Postal Service to offer up seasonal themed holiday outfits and accessories for women.

Stefans first-ever collection will be released on December 13, the same day as the holidays.

Each of the three pieces of clothing are designed to be used by women who have had a Christmas party and/or a baby.

The designs are designed with the “feminine” in mind, which Stefani says is important because the holidays are a time for women to be themselves and feel confident in themselves.

“I’m really excited about the Christmas collection, it’s a celebration of our female bodies and of our women, and I think the girls are so proud of the holiday season,” Stefani said in a statement.

The products are inspired by a “sassy spirit” and are meant to “set a good example for our daughters,” Stefans statement said.

These items are inspired, in part, by the holidays and the holiday spirit.

“It’s really about the holidays being a time to be ourselves,” Stefansson said in the statement.

“And it’s about showing them how to celebrate and be themselves, and that’s what’s really important.”

Stefani’s Christmas themed collection is called The Girls Holiday Dress Collection.

The collection includes a pink scarf, a pair of red boots, and a bright blue holiday sweater.

The items are priced at $39.99, and the collection will hit select retailers in December.

“We’ve had some really strong demand for these products, which is great because they’re really, really, totally unique and totally wearable,” Stefanis Fashion Director, Nicole Bialystock, told ABC News.

“The colors and the patterning and the materials are really unique, and they’re made with 100% natural materials that are absolutely perfect for this type of style and the holidays.”

The items will be available at Macy’s and other department stores starting on December 11.

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