Canada’s largest holiday resort is opening to the public for the first time in its history.

Johns Holiday Resort & Spa is opening the first-ever Canadian John Holiday Park in Gatineau, Que., on Saturday.

It will be the second-largest resort in Canada after Hôtel de Ville in Quebec City.

It’s part of a global push to bring the holiday spirit back to the country and it comes on the heels of a similar launch in Toronto last year.

The park is expected to attract tens of thousands of guests and create nearly 50,000 jobs in the tourism sector.

The resort has plans to add more than 150 restaurants, a bar, retail shops and restaurants to the hotel and surrounding areas.

The resort is also expected to open a new hotel and a new attraction to cater to the growing holiday population.

The hotel, called the Holiday Park Hotel, will be home to more than 20 guestrooms, two restaurants and a restaurant lounge.

The park will include a hotel lounge with views of the lake, a ski lift and other attractions.

The new resort will include hotels and condos for guests.

The park will offer an immersive experience that will be similar to what guests have experienced in hotels and resorts around the world, said John MacLeod, chief executive officer of the Hôte de Villes, which owns the resort.

Guests will be able to walk, ride a skateboard or ride a rollercoaster, and even go for a guided hike with a professional guide.

The Hôten de Villeries, which operates the resort, is expected see about $1.3 billion in annual revenues from the new park.

It has received a $4.6-million government loan to help finance the resort’s opening.

The new park will also serve as a base for the future expansion of the resort to a resort that is about 300 times bigger than the current Hôtex de VILLE in Quebec.

The HôT Ville has been under construction for nearly a decade.

John MacLeod said the resort will offer a host of dining, entertainment and wellness options for guests and visitors.

The hotel and the new attractions will also feature a full-service restaurant, a cocktail lounge, a spa, fitness centre, outdoor fitness center, pool and spa.

The Holiday Park hotel will have a number of amenities that will allow guests to experience the park from their comfort zones.

Its the first major hotel to be designed specifically for the holiday season, said the Houlihan.

It is expected that the hotel will offer more than 120 guestrooms and more than 1,000 suites for guests, with additional suites and suites for members of the general public.

The guests will have access to the world’s largest pool, as well as the most popular and comfortable restaurant in Canada, he said.

“This is the first Canadian John and HouliHouses to be opened in North America, and the first to be built entirely in Canada,” said MacLeod.

The holiday park is slated to open at the end of the month.

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