The Supreme Court will hear arguments next month in a landmark case challenging bans on same-siding marriage in some states.

In the wake of the Obergefell v.

Hodges decision, the court’s conservative majority decided to defer to states and begin considering a case involving same-gender marriage in 2019.

But that won’t be until sometime in 2021, according to legal experts and observers.

“We’ve got a lot of uncertainty in 2019, 2020, 2021,” said Matt Gertz, a law professor at Vanderbilt University who teaches a class on marriage and family law.

It remains to be seen if states will attempt to ban same sex marriage after the court makes the ruling, Gerts said. “

That’s the big uncertainty, because we’re still not 100 percent certain what the next steps will be.”

It remains to be seen if states will attempt to ban same sex marriage after the court makes the ruling, Gerts said.

“The question is, do they do it?

Or do they wait until 2020 and see what happens, because the court is not a rubber stamp,” he said.

It is not clear whether same-state marriages would be legal under the Trump administration’s new immigration policies.

The Trump administration has said that the federal government will allow the states to legalize same- sex marriage and that the Supreme the case is about same- gender marriage, not same-race marriage.

But there are still questions about how states would treat same- race couples who wed in another state.

While it is not uncommon for states to recognize same-marriage marriages performed in other states, it is less common for states not to recognize such marriages.

And states that have legalized same-parent marriage have faced legal challenges.

In Maryland, the state Supreme Court ruled that same- parent marriages are legal, though the court also ruled that it will allow them to be legal.

In Utah, where same- marriage is still legal, same- parents are still allowed to marry.

“If you look at the demographics of the United States, people who are white, straight, male, in their 30s, 40s and 50s, they’re overwhelmingly married to one person and it’s the same person,” said Gertlz.

“I think we’re just going to wait and see if the court comes up with a good solution.”

In 2019, same sex couples married in Alaska and Hawaii.

Same-sex couples also wed in Utah, Tennessee, Oregon and Nevada.

“There are probably more marriages in 2019 that will be legal in 2020 than we have seen in the last decade,” said Mark Jacobson, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council.

“This is the first time in history that we’ve seen the courts have to actually make a determination about same sex marriages.”

In 2018, gay couples in New Mexico and South Dakota also married in the state.

The Supreme court will be asked to rule on a challenge to the states’ bans on marriage licenses by couples in Texas, Wisconsin, Montana and North Dakota.

The court’s liberal justices are expected to rule in favor of same-gendered marriage.

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