‘Happy Holidays’ will return to the calendar in 2018

The holidays in 2018 will be celebrated on November 11 in some ways like the return of Christmas, Easter, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, but they’ll all be celebrated with the traditional Christmas tree.In 2018, the official national holiday will be ‘Happy New Year’, but a number of people are hoping it’ll be celebrated at […]

Why it’s so important to watch Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ on Christmas

Disney’s “Lion King” is a holiday classic.In its original version released in 1977, the story of the titular lion king and his friends has a lot in common with the stories of Christmas movies of today.But as it’s now being adapted for the big screen, “The Lion Kingdom” has its own unique appeal.It’s a Disney […]

Holiday Inn Rewards Visa Gift Cards | Visa Gift Card Bonus: $5,000 bonus

Visa Gift cards can be used for travel, dining, lodging, entertainment, gift certificates, gift cards, gift-giving and more.If you’re planning to take advantage of Visa’s Holiday Inn rewards program, the easiest way to get one is to visit a participating Holiday Inn destination and sign up for a Visa Visa® Rewards Visa Card® (V1 or […]

Why you should watch this holiday extravaganza, says ABC anchor

A holiday extraversion that’s not only good for your skin but good for you is now available to viewers.As part of the ABC’s holiday extravs, we’re bringing you the best clips from holiday broadcasting, including the best of Christmas and New Years celebrations and special programmes.Here’s what you need to know about holiday broadcasting.Here’s what […]

How to Survive the Holiday Season

You’re a holiday junkie, and you need a holiday break.It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, so we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to get the most out of your holiday weekend.For some people, they’re even getting ready to take their family on a vacation, which is awesome.For more tips and […]

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